8th-9th Century Ad Solid Gold Ring With Abbasid Caliphate Dinar Coin

   8th-9th century AD solid gold ring with twisted gold shank, gold pellet shoulders, and a bezel made from a gold Abbasid caliphate dinar coin. It is believed to be a Viking ring. I had the metal content tested by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy and it tested as. Coin: 23 kt with the two main metals being 96.43% Au and 2.56% Ag. Twisted shank: 17 kt ('Non-Standard Karat') with the main metals being Au 72.39%, Ag 22.76%, Cu 3.67%. Based on my research into Islamic coins, the coin itself appears to be an early Abbasid (gold) Dinar coin as it only has one marginal legend on the ...
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